About Catalog.Data.FAA.gov

Who developed Catalog.Data.FAA.gov

Catalog.Data.faa.gov was launched in 2020 and is managed and hosted by the Federal Aviation Administration, IT Shared Services organization - Chief Data Office.

With what technology is Catalog.Data.FAA.gov built?

Catalog.Data.FAA.gov is powered by open source application CKAN.

What standards were used to develop the metadata displayed on Catalog.Data.FAA.gov?

Catalog.Data.FAA.gov follows the DCAT-US Schema v1.1 (Project Open Data Metadata Schema) – a set of required fields (Title, Description, Tags, Last Update, Publisher, Contact Name, etc.) for every data set displayed on Catalog.Data.FAA.gov.

How are the datasets on Catalog.Data.FAA.gov collected?

Under the OPEN Government Data Act, which is Title II of the Foundations for Evidence-Based Policymaking Act, government data is required to be made available in open, machine-readable formats, while continuing to ensure privacy and security.

FAA Data Stewards publish data thru the FAA Data Governance Center hosted and managed by the FAA Chief Data Office. Here the metadata is curated and validated for quality and accuracy. The FAA Data Steward enters metadata and verifies quality and accuracy before publishing to data.faa.gov.

How are the datasets on Catalog.Data.FAA.gov sent to Data.gov?

In accordance with data.gov guidelines, FAA has/does:

  • Created a Single Agency Data Inventory (FAA Data Governance Center). Here FAA catalogs their data assets, just like inventory of computers or desk chairs, to better manage and use these resources
  • Publish a Public Data Listing. FAA publishes a list of data assets that are public, or could be made public. This list is made available as a data.json hosted at the primary domain (e.g.) catalog.data.faa.gov/data.json the json files are in conformance with DCAT-US Schema v1.1 These .json files are then harvested into the central catalog for DOT and Data.gov.

Catalog Search

How do I find data on Catalog.Data.FAA.gov?

You can search Catalog.Data.FAA.gov from its catalog of metadata from across the FAA Agency. Once in the catalog, to find datasets you can:

  • Enter keywords in the search box.
  • Browse on the left side through different Tags Clicking on multiple items narrows your search. You can click on the “x” to the side of any single item to remove it from the search.
  • Once you find a metadata of interest, click on the title and you will be taken to a page with more details on that specific metadata.