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  • iConnect -

    iConnect tracks litigation activities for AGC concerning lawsuits. Images of legal documentation are scanned and stored in the systems as records (BLOB), which can be retrieved...
  • e-Learning Management System (eLMS) -

    DOT's electronic Learning Management System (eLMS) is a state-of-the-art web-based system that meets the needs of training administrators, learners, and managers and facilitates...
  • Wireless Intrusion Detection System -

    CSMC operates WIDSfor FAA for enterprise detection and mitigation of unauthorized wireless internet access devices. The investment (FAAXX721) was merged into FAAXX298: ISS...
  • William J. Hughes Technical Center Internet Access Point -

    William J. Hughes Technical Center Internet Access Point
  • Western Pacific (AWP) Internet Access Point -

    The AWP WSA-IAP supports the agency''s mission by providing hardware and software support for the financial and administrative functions of all LOBs within the agency. This...
  • WesLaw -

    Legal database used for researching cases - similar to Lexis-Nexis
  • Weather Message Switching Center Replacement -

    The Weather Message Switching Center Replacement (WMSCR) is the primary National Airspace System (NAS) interface with the National Weather Service (NWS) Telecommunications...
  • Workers Compensation Information System(WCIS) -

    An automated system that enables FAA claims specialists to monitor all Workers Compensation claims from the first day a claim is submitted.
  • sUAS Facility Map

    sUAS Facility Maps (UASFM) that indicate pre-approved fly altitudes. Within each grid on the map, FAA would identify maximum altitudes at which flight is permitted without...
  • Work Order -

    A web based tool to create a work order (a tracking tool to provide F&E money to other groups to build facilities or implement equipment).
  • Whistleblower Protection Program -

    The Whistleblower Protection Program (WBPP) (49 U.S.C. 4 1 1) protects individuals from employment discrimination for alleged violations of Federal Aviation Regulations or other...
  • Web Based Dangerous Goods Tracking -

    Web Based Dangerous Goods Tracking system (WebDG) supports the work program of The Security and Hazardous Materials, Office of Hazardous Materials, ADG.
  • Warehouse Operations -

    Warehouse operations is part of the Automated Distribution System (ADS) used by AeroNav Products to ship navigational products to customers. The system prints pick lists and...
  • Warehouse Management System -

    Warehouse management system designed to track the flow of material from initial arrival to shipment. The WMS is a COTS package that was purchased from Robocom Systems Inc.
  • WTS - Work Activity Tracking (WAT) -

    Provides the applications necessary to allow detailed tracking of all work activities to facilitate resource optimization within the FAA. The WTS generates the reports for the...
  • WTS - Risk Based Resource Targeting (RBRT) -

    The Risk Based Resource Targeting (RBRT) application supports a new SMS-structured process designed to focus on safety oversight of systems and processes rather than the...
  • WTS - Budget Management -

    WTS Budget Management will provide detailed resource management down to specific AIR activities, such as an engine certification or an audit of a particular manufacturer, in...
  • WMTscheduler 1.0v -

    This application manages the development of a two-week rolling window of controller workforce schedules. The application contains a module for the annual controller schedule...

  • Voluntary Disclosure Reporting Program -

    The VDRP system is a Web-based application which supports the FAA and the Office of Aviation Safety (AVS) Flight Standards Service (AFS) with the online acquisition, storing,...
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