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  • e-Learning Management System (eLMS) -

    DOT's electronic Learning Management System (eLMS) is a state-of-the-art web-based system that meets the needs of training administrators, learners, and managers and facilitates...
  • Whistleblower Protection Program -

    The Whistleblower Protection Program (WBPP) (49 U.S.C. 4 1 1) protects individuals from employment discrimination for alleged violations of Federal Aviation Regulations or other...
  • WTS - Work Activity Tracking (WAT) -

    Provides the applications necessary to allow detailed tracking of all work activities to facilitate resource optimization within the FAA. The WTS generates the reports for the...
  • WTS - Risk Based Resource Targeting (RBRT) -

    The Risk Based Resource Targeting (RBRT) application supports a new SMS-structured process designed to focus on safety oversight of systems and processes rather than the...
  • Voluntary Disclosure Reporting Program -

    The VDRP system is a Web-based application which supports the FAA and the Office of Aviation Safety (AVS) Flight Standards Service (AFS) with the online acquisition, storing,...
  • Streamline No Action and Administrative Action Process -

    Streamlined No Action and Administrative Action Process (SNAAP) application, which allows users to print SNAAP letters and aging reports. SNAAP is also only available on the FAA...
  • Standard Reference Tables -

    The Standard Reference Tables (SRT) provide consistent reference data for the various applications that support Flight Standards Service (AFS) business processes and users....
  • Safety Performance Analysis System -

    The SPAS system supports FAA inspection activities by identifying potential problem areas for Inspector consideration using measures of safety performance.
  • Safety Issues Reporting System -

    The Safety Issues Reporting System (SIRS) supports three processes for reviewing safety issues raised by Office of Aviation Safety (AVS) employees, including one process that...
  • Regulatory Guidance Library -

    FAA's Regulatory Guidance Library (RGL) provides a centralized repository of documents pertinent to the regulatory oversight of air carriers that hold operations specifications...
  • Regional Automated Modular Planning System -

    Regional Automated Modular Planning System (RAMPS) creates the required work surveillance program activities for Flight Standards offices for the fiscal year. The activities...
  • RCT Checklist -

    Regional Capitalization Team project Checklist. Used in the approval process between ATO, Logistics, and Accounting. Has Web Admin. Module.
  • Safeguarding Classified Information -

    Computer-Based Instruction once offered as separate application, provided through eLMS since 2010
  • SCI Tool -

    SCI Tool automates Core Compensation processes for SCI processing. Documents assessments, calculates breakdowns, and archives SCI process results.
  • Quality Management Information Technology System -

    QMITS is a workflow application used to automate business processes that support the AVS Quality Management System (QMS) and several Flight Standards oversight processes. The...
  • National Automated Conformity Inspection Process -

    The National Automated Conformity Inspection Process (NACIP) Application is intended to expedite the workflow process as it pertains to the FAA Form 81 0-10 Request for...
  • NTSB Safety Recommendation System -

    The NTSB Safety Recommendations System (NRS) tracks the response of recommendations received from the NTSB. FNRS
  • Multi-System Access Tool-Aircraft -

    FAA Aviation Safety Inspectors (ASIs) use MSAT B to gather information about aircraft and their owners and operators.
  • Legal Training -

    Legal Training sponsored by Executive Office of the US Attorneys (US Dpet of Justice). www.justice.gov/usao/training
  • MSRD - External Oversee System Performance (OSPe) -

    Monitor the health of the AIR system Enable OSP Management Review Board to make recommendations aimed at improving system performance and reducing system risks Enable AIR to...
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