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  • e-Learning Management System (eLMS) -

    DOT's electronic Learning Management System (eLMS) is a state-of-the-art web-based system that meets the needs of training administrators, learners, and managers and facilitates...
  • Web Based Dangerous Goods Tracking -

    Web Based Dangerous Goods Tracking system (WebDG) supports the work program of The Security and Hazardous Materials, Office of Hazardous Materials, ADG.
  • Warehouse Operations -

    Warehouse operations is part of the Automated Distribution System (ADS) used by AeroNav Products to ship navigational products to customers. The system prints pick lists and...
  • WMTscheduler 1.0v -

    This application manages the development of a two-week rolling window of controller workforce schedules. The application contains a module for the annual controller schedule...
  • Simplex/Metasys -

    Simplex is a COTS application providing fire alarm system detection and notification for buildings at MMAC. Metasys is a COTS application that monitors and controls...
  • Safety Risk Management Tracking System -

    Safety Risk Management Tracking System
  • RADS - Report and Distribution System -

    FAA Financial Datawarehouse Reporting Portal for ARS, CAS, LDR, PAD, FABS, and SAVES(future)
  • Photo Apps -

    Images of various facilities used as a tool to eliminate travel time and for immediate access to concerned areas. App thumbnails images 4 per row and allows the user to enlarge...
  • Payroll Image Processing Services -

    PIPS is an e-paper imaging solution for governmental accounting records. PIPS supports the electronic storage of accounting documents and indexing.PIPS uses three Commercial Off...
  • Platform for Unified Reporting in the Enterprise (PURE) -

    PURE is an enterprise-wide information delivery service, providing authoritative and decision-quality FAA information through a single point of entry.
  • Quote Order Tracking -

    Lotus Notes application used by the Telecommunications Service Group (TSG) to ensure the use of the "integrated funding process" for identifying, obligating...
  • Non-Federal Facilities Web Application -

    Non-Federal Facilities Web Application
  • National Airspace System Technical Evaluation Program -

    Application for ATO-W provides capability to document issues found during evaluation at NAS facilities and tracking comments and closures.
  • Motor Vehicle System 2000 -

    to assist the agency, lines of business and staff offices in managing their leased and owned vehicles by motor fleet inventory control, mileage and expenditure reporting, usage...
  • Medical Research Information System -

    Provides searchable repositories of agency, aerospace medicine and outside sources to create knowledge concerning aerospace medicine which is capable of importing, organizing,...
  • Messaging Services (FAA Legacy Email System) -

    FAA Email System - Lotus Notes and Sametime
  • Next Generation Messaging -

    provides a uniform electronic messaging environment to support the broad variety of users that constitute the agency enterprise
  • OGE-450 (Eastern Region Office of Government Ethics-450) -

    OGE 450 system is an electronic filing application that permits FAA personnel to enter financial disclosure information into a consolidated database.
  • Logistics Center Support System (LCSS) -

    Logistics Center Support System (LCSS) is a non-NAS IT procurement to re-engineer and automate the FAA's logistics management processes. The program aims to modernize the FAA's...
  • MMAC Internet Access Point -

    The MMAC IAP/BACKBONE is one of eight authorized Internet Access Points (IAPs) that provide Internet access for approximately 10,000 users. It is mission critical. The scope for...
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