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  • e-Learning Management System (eLMS) -

    DOT's electronic Learning Management System (eLMS) is a state-of-the-art web-based system that meets the needs of training administrators, learners, and managers and facilitates...
  • Web Based Dangerous Goods Tracking -

    Web Based Dangerous Goods Tracking system (WebDG) supports the work program of The Security and Hazardous Materials, Office of Hazardous Materials, ADG.
  • WTS - Risk Based Resource Targeting (RBRT) -

    The Risk Based Resource Targeting (RBRT) application supports a new SMS-structured process designed to focus on safety oversight of systems and processes rather than the...
  • WMTscheduler 1.0v -

    This application manages the development of a two-week rolling window of controller workforce schedules. The application contains a module for the annual controller schedule...
  • Safety Performance Analysis System -

    The SPAS system supports FAA inspection activities by identifying potential problem areas for Inspector consideration using measures of safety performance.
  • Pilot Records Improvement Act -

    To support requests under PRIA, the iPRIA application verifies information on airmen.
  • Photo Apps -

    Images of various facilities used as a tool to eliminate travel time and for immediate access to concerned areas. App thumbnails images 4 per row and allows the user to enlarge...
  • Platform for Unified Reporting in the Enterprise (PURE) -

    PURE is an enterprise-wide information delivery service, providing authoritative and decision-quality FAA information through a single point of entry.
  • Multi-System Access Tool-Airmen -

    MSAT A is used by FAA Aviation Safety Inspectors (ASIs) to gather information on airmen, e.g. pilots, instructors, and mechanics.
  • OGE-450 (Eastern Region Office of Government Ethics-450) -

    OGE 450 system is an electronic filing application that permits FAA personnel to enter financial disclosure information into a consolidated database.
  • Integrated PMS/SCI Assessment Process -

    SCI Tool automates Core Compensation processes for SCI processing. Documents assessments, calculates breakdowns, and AFN/ARChives SCI process results.
  • Federal Personnel and Payroll System(FPPS - D.O.I - NBC) -

    Dept of Interior - System. The Federal Personnel/Payroll System is a mainframe-based, portable, integrated, on-line, and real-time personnel and payroll system developed and...
  • Flight Activity and Crew Tracking System -

    The Flight Activity and Crew Tracking System (FACTS) is a Web-based application that provides an overall management and tracking tool of FAA Airmen performing Flight Program...
  • Flight Standards Automation System -

    FAVSIS supports Flight Standards Service (AFS) by maintaining their information on entities such as air carriers, air agencies, designated airmen, and check airmen. FAVSIS also...
  • Flight Standards Information Management System -

    FSIMS is a web-based application that provides access to the most current, critical Flight Standards policy and guidance documents regarding aviation safety as defined in the...
  • Enhanced Flight Standards Automation System -

    eFSAS supports Flight Standards Service (AFS) by maintaining their information on entities such as air carriers, air agencies, designated airmen, and check airmen. eFSAS also...
  • Engineering Design Approval (EDA) -

    ASKME EDA provides a single, integrated system to accomplish the engineering design approvals within the framework of the certification process using safety management principles.
  • Designee Supervision / Past Performance (DS/PP) -

    ASKME-DS/PP is part of AVS Designee Management System (DMS) program initiatives. Target Designee processes include orientation, training, oversight, and reporting. DMS will...
  • Employee Express(EE) -

    Employee Express is an automated, Web based system that enables Federal employees to initiate the processing of discretionary personnel-payroll transactions electronically. FAA...
  • DOT Information Repository -

    Information Repository provides data for a number of systems
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