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  • Staffing and Payroll System (SAPS) -

    Provides detailed staffing and personnel data by ATO organization
  • Space Management Automation Process -

    Lotus Notes ASO regional office space management application that enables managers to submit space change/move requests and administrators to manage and report on the current...
  • Shuttle Reservation System (User) -

    This application provides a moderate reservation and reporting system to support the shuttle flights between Atlantic City's airport and DC. A third party vendor flies the...
  • Safety Surveillance System -

    The safety surveillance system will provide a modular system with integrated compliance reporting and information exchange that is device independent and supports the field...
  • Safety Risk Management Tracking System -

    Safety Risk Management Tracking System
  • Safety Performance Analysis System -

    The SPAS system supports FAA inspection activities by identifying potential problem areas for Inspector consideration using measures of safety performance.
  • Safety Issues Reporting System -

    The Safety Issues Reporting System (SIRS) supports three processes for reviewing safety issues raised by Office of Aviation Safety (AVS) employees, including one process that...
  • SUA Map

    A map of all regulatory and non-regulatory Special Use Airspace areas as required by Order JO 7400.8Y
  • SOAR II -

    SOAR II will support the ARP's AIP and PFC programs, collecting and processing data for approximately 1,000 air carriers at over 2,300 U.S. airports annually. The system will...
  • Runway Safety Tracking System -

    Runway Safety Tracking System
  • Runway Incursion Database (RWS)- Data Query Tool

    The Runway Incursion database contains records of events involving the incorrect presence of an aircraft, vehicle or person on the protected area of a surface designated for the...
  • Route Availabililty Planning Tool -

    The Route Availability Planning Tool (RAPT) is a weather-assimilated decision support tool (DST) that supports the development and execution of departure management plans that...
  • Remote Maintenance Monitoring System -

    The Remote Maintenance and Monitoring System (RMMS) is a collection of subsystems that includes telecommunication components, hardware, and software, which serve to automate and...
  • Regulatory Guidance Library -

    FAA's Regulatory Guidance Library (RGL) provides a centralized repository of documents pertinent to the regulatory oversight of air carriers that hold operations specifications...
  • Regional Information System -

    REGIS provides standardized, accurate, and timely tracking of financial data, and facilitates reconciliationwith official accounting data in DELPHI. REGIS is essential for...
  • Regional Automated Modular Planning System -

    Regional Automated Modular Planning System (RAMPS) creates the required work surveillance program activities for Flight Standards offices for the fiscal year. The activities...

    RE&D budget formulation, execution and project management Research, Engineering & Development money.
  • RCT Checklist -

    Regional Capitalization Team project Checklist. Used in the approval process between ATO, Logistics, and Accounting. Has Web Admin. Module.
  • Safeguarding Classified Information -

    Computer-Based Instruction once offered as separate application, provided through eLMS since 2010
  • Safety Assurance System -

    SAS is the core AFS decision making and automation tool supporting the evolutionary shift to a business process focused safety management system (SMS). SAS will support...
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