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  • Safety Issues Reporting System -

    The Safety Issues Reporting System (SIRS) supports three processes for reviewing safety issues raised by Office of Aviation Safety (AVS) employees, including one process that...
  • NTSB Safety Recommendation System -

    The NTSB Safety Recommendations System (NRS) tracks the response of recommendations received from the NTSB. FNRS
  • NTSB Information Request System -

    The NTSB Information Requests System (NIRS) is used to track NTSB information requests. The NTSB requests information to support accident investigations.
  • Major Accident Tracking System -

    The Major Accident Tracking System is used to support AVP-100 investigation of aircraft accidents. Information is entered by the Investigator after returning from the accident...
  • FAA Recommendation System -

    The FAA Safety Recommendations System tracks the response to recommendations received from FAA employees, primarily Aviation Safety Inspectors (ASI).
  • Aviation Mishap Information System -

    The Aviation Mishap Information System (AMIS) is used to analyze the date and time information contained in FAA Form 80 0- 3, FAA Accident/Incident Report.
  • Aviation Safety Hotline Information System -

    The Aviation Safety Hotline Information System (ASHIS) collects, stores, and retrieves reports submitted by pilots, mechanics, cabin crew, passengers, or the public on safety...
  • Aircraft Registration System -

    The Aircraft Registration System maintains and provides access to all aircraft data, with the exception of document images.
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