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  • Pilot Records Database -

    Public Law 111-216, which enacted H.R. 5900, Airline Safety and Federal Aviation Administration Extension Act of 2010, mandated that the FAA create an information system...
  • Electronic Form 337 -

    The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) requires a Form 337 be submitted any time there is a major repair or alternation to general aviation aircraft.
  • Electrocardiogram Subsystem -

    The Electrocardiogram Subsystem (ECG) application is a Civil Aerospace Institute (CAMI) national program that assists the AAM-300 division in the medical certification of...
  • Decision Support System -

    Decision Support Subystem (DSS) allows the FAA to study 3 years of longitudinal medical certification and accident data which have been matched to permit the scientific study of...
  • Certification Project Notification -

    FAA Order 8110.4C describes the Type Certification process and the interaction between the applicant, the Aircraft Certification Office (ACO) and the other responsible...
  • Clinic Health Awareness Program Subsystem -

    Clinic Health Awareness Program Subystem (CHAPS) is a comprehensive system for recording, reporting, and analyzing a patient's medical information and managing an FAA employee's...
  • Compliance and Enforcement Tracking System -

    CETS provides the Office of Aerospace Medicine\u2019s (AAM) Drug Abatement Division with automated capabilities for tracking, scheduling, and managing inspections,...
  • Comprehensive Airmen Information System -

    The Comprehensive Airman Information System (CAIS) maintains and provides access to all airmen data, with the exception of document images.
  • Comprehensive Electronic Data Analysis and Recording -

    Web-based performance management application. Collects control performance information , stores in central repository and generates reports on that data.
  • Airmen Document Control System -

    The Airmen Document Control System (AADOCS) is the airmen data and image based workflow system to allow examiners to update and maintain both data and images on airmen.
  • Air Transportation Oversight System -

    The Federal Aviation Administration\u2019s (FAA) Air Transportation Oversight System (ATOS) provides regulatory oversight of air carriers that hold operations specifications...
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