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  • iConnect -

    iConnect tracks litigation activities for AGC concerning lawsuits. Images of legal documentation are scanned and stored in the systems as records (BLOB), which can be retrieved...
  • Work Order -

    A web based tool to create a work order (a tracking tool to provide F&E money to other groups to build facilities or implement equipment).
  • Unified Contracting System -

    Unified Contracting System
  • Standard Reference Tables -

    The Standard Reference Tables (SRT) provide consistent reference data for the various applications that support Flight Standards Service (AFS) business processes and users....
  • Space Management Automation Process -

    Lotus Notes ASO regional office space management application that enables managers to submit space change/move requests and administrators to manage and report on the current...
  • Lexis-Nexis -

    Online legal database for researching cases
  • JSTOR -

    Legal journal article database for researching cases
  • Enforcement Information System Query and Browse -

    Enforcement Information System Query and Browse (EISQB) is a query and browse tool that provides read-only access to data in the Enforcement Information System (EIS).
  • Designee Supervision / Past Performance (DS/PP) -

    ASKME-DS/PP is part of AVS Designee Management System (DMS) program initiatives. Target Designee processes include orientation, training, oversight, and reporting. DMS will...
  • Documentum - ABA -

    Implementation of Documentum supported by AIO-300 (Legacy ABA IT Support). Includes three document workflow solutions:- ADR-W: Asset Disposition Repository- CAP-W:...
  • Clinic Health Awareness Program Subsystem -

    Clinic Health Awareness Program Subystem (CHAPS) is a comprehensive system for recording, reporting, and analyzing a patient's medical information and managing an FAA employee's...
  • Aviation Safety Information Analysis and Sharing -

    The ASIAS system enables users to perform integrated queries across copies of multiple databases, search the warehoused data, and display results in useful formats such as in...
  • Accident Incident Enforcement -

    Accident Incident Enforcement
  • ASW Building Services -

    Lotus notes workflow application for the submission and tracking of ASW regional office facility related services. Enables the building services group to more effectively manage...
  • AOV Facility Tool/Facility Safety Specifications -

    Develop and maintain authorizing documents that are standards that facilities must follow. These standards are references of FAA regulations and are specific to the individual...
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