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  • VMAT Request Database -

    Lotus Notes application used by local support to request ARC Tier 3 support (VMATS). Requirement to enable local support to directly input requests for VMAT service requests...
  • Universal Login System -

    User/Group management application which controls access to applications and web sites maintained within AVN (by various IT groups) such as Safety Significant Events, ILM, ICASC...
  • Special Requirements of Importing Countries -

    Foreign Export Code Database
  • Safety Surveillance System -

    The safety surveillance system will provide a modular system with integrated compliance reporting and information exchange that is device independent and supports the field...
  • FAA User Rights Requests -

    Lotus Notes workflow that tracks, approves/disapproves requests to be exempt from ATO locked down workstations Requirement to facilitate and manage the...
  • Facility, Service, and Equipment Profile (FSEP) -

    Inventory of NAS Operational Infrastructure, pseudo-cost entities, and National Airspace Performance Reporting System (NAPRS) pseudo-services
  • Application Security Module -

    Controls access rights to Oracle developed applications. APPSEC
  • AWA RMAT Service Requests -

    Lotus Notes application used by local support to request AWA Tier 3 support (RMATS). Consolidates and automates several routine IT support tasks and facilitates more effective...
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