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  • iConnect -

    iConnect tracks litigation activities for AGC concerning lawsuits. Images of legal documentation are scanned and stored in the systems as records (BLOB), which can be retrieved...
  • WTS - Risk Based Resource Targeting (RBRT) -

    The Risk Based Resource Targeting (RBRT) application supports a new SMS-structured process designed to focus on safety oversight of systems and processes rather than the...
  • Unified Contracting System -

    Unified Contracting System
  • Flight Standards Automation System -

    FAVSIS supports Flight Standards Service (AFS) by maintaining their information on entities such as air carriers, air agencies, designated airmen, and check airmen. FAVSIS also...
  • FAA Reimbursable Agreement Project Toolset -

    Replacement for CWP Reimbursable Module. Will become a separate system from CWP but will still exchange data. Project is in planning/requirements phases.
  • Alaskan Region Facility Security System -

    physical access control system that provides keyless, centrally managed and audited access to FAA facilities for FAA staff and contractors
  • Aeronautical Center Franchise Acquisition Services -

    FAA Acquisition System Tool - FAST%3F Acquisition Management System (AMS) establishes agency-wide policy and guidance for all areas of lifecycle acquisition management. FAST is...
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